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Your Doctor, You and Your Medical Cannabis Usage

Your Doctor, You and Your Medical Cannabis Usage

Going to the Doctor for a routine check up or other medical issue is always filled with a battery of questions. How often do you exercise? Are you a smoker? Do you drink? Are you using any other medications? Do you use drugs? That last one is the catch all, and leaves a lot of current medical cannabis users struggling to find the right words and answers. 


Come clean with what is going on and going into your body.

Making the choice to benefit from medicinal cannabis is made based on a healthy mindset and that same mindset should lead you to being completely transparent with your Doctor. Transparency is key to having your care and well-being fully in focus with any medical professional. Whether you are discussing that pesky cough you can’t seem to kick or the pain in your back that cripples you in the morning, you need to present a full picture of your health. Including the supplements you are using to aid in your well-being.

Come clean with what is going on and going into your body.


Words Matter

When you are asked, “Do you use marijuana?” Choose to take this opportunity for discussion and education. Being the reply with “I do use medical cannabis for ….” This is where you get to use what you know about the medical choice you’ve made and how you feel it is working for you. Deciding to go the medical cannabis is one that you’ve researched and informed yourself about and now you can share that information with your doctor. 

Using detailed scientific terminology will assist in producing an informative and open discussion. Your medical professionals job is to draw conclusions from the information you present them.

Example: you take medical cannabis for migraines. Those migraines have stopped but you are visiting the Doctor today because you constantly feel nauseous. Could these be related? It’s their job to find the connections. Let them. 


Fear of judgement

Fear of being labeled, judged, and scolded are legitimate worries even as a well informed adult. We all live in a place of wanting acceptance and support. Opening up about your medical cannabis usage may bring support from your medical professional or it may bring judgement. Whether they agree or disagree, your doctor should know what is going on with your health to better benefit you. Pushing past fear will put your health front and center. 

Whether your medical professional is in favor of your usage or not is part of the relationship building and connection you have with that professional. You may find an ally who supports medical cannabis usage and may have helpful insights to share with you. If your doctor does not support the usage, you now can decide if this person is the right person to be trusting with your health. Do you feel comfortable? If you need to switch to a different provider you can start looking for Doctors that align with your medical beliefs and practices.


Be an informed Patient

Your health is exactly that, Yours. Take charge of it. Be a knowledgeable and informed patient regarding what ails you and what is mending those ailments. Continue to be informed about your rights as a cannabis user/patient. Be open, honest and well versed in the medications you are choosing to live a health filled life. 


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