Holiday Stress & Cannabis

The holiday season is notorious for being a stressful time. High expectations of numerous holiday gatherings, family visits, gift giving, and travel can lead to 62% of people considering the holidays stressful, as stated by Healthline.

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the holidays burn you down.

Cannabis, alongside a healthy lifestyle, can be a powerful tool for stress relief.

From getting a better night’s sleep to tasty cannabis teas, here are 4 ways cannabis can relieve holiday stress.


Stress doesn’t only impact our waking lives; it also impacts our sleep.

Sleep deprivation and stress go hand in hand. Sleep deprivation is associated with a number of negative effects on our health like reduced immunity, brain fog, weight gain, lower energy levels, and you guessed it – more stress!

THC is shown to be a safe and effective sleep aid. To get the most benefits of cannabis for sleep assitance, consider keeping a sleep journal to keep track of what’s working and what’s not (dosage amount, strain variety, consumption method, etc.).

Also consider cannabis products high in the cannabinoid CBN, which is noted for its sedative properties.

Hot Tea for Healing

What’s better than sipping on a hot, soothing cup of tea during the holiday hustle?

Teas are known to be rich in antioxidants, have less caffeine than coffee, promote weight loss, and boost your immune system. Add the option of CBD infused tea and we’ve doubled the benefits. 

When you drink cannabis tea, your body receives an instant dose of cannabinoids like THC and CBD to help alleviate stress, pain and inflammation.

Meditation and Medication

When the world keeps spinning and spinning faster during the Holiday season, taking a moment to pause and breathe can be a huge relief. Meditation and mindfulness can bring us back to focus and calm our inner spinning. Combined with mindful cannabis consumption; the health benefits of each practice are amplified.

Cannabis Foods – Nutritious and Calming

The holidays are synonymous with food. And if you’re feeling stressed…

The desire to grab a sugar-loaded dessert can be all too tempting.We dive in and found ourselves in full force emotional eating.  One way to combat emotional eating is by nourishing our body with the right foods.

Cannabis is a superfood with tremendous nutritional value.

When we feel full, satisfied, and energized – we’re less likely to be tempted by nutritionally empty treats.

Cannabis infused cuisine has evolved well beyond the days of baked brownies. You can juice raw cannabis to absorb raw cannabinoids (also non-psychoactive) or incorporate cannabis infused coconut oil into your favorite dishes and bake a delicious calming dessert. 

To get through this Holiday Season, be mindful and stay focused in a healthy and natural way. Cheers to enjoying more and stressing less.

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