stay home stress

Cannabis Strains to Manage Stay-Home Stress

Cannabis Strains to Manage Stay-Home Stress


stay-home stress


As most of the world continues to shelter in place in the wake of COVID-19, it is important to not only care for our physical health, but our mental state, as well. Having to stay at home sounds great for some people, but when the realities of missed work and draining finances set in, not to mention being unable to connect with friends and family – all of this can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety.
If you feel you could use a little help in that area, taking cannabis may be something to consider. Taken in correct doses, medical cannabis can manage day-to-day stressors at a time when relief is sorely needed.

Dosage Is Important

Taking medical marijuana in an effective way means closely managing your dosage. Take too little and you don’t experience the intended effect. Take too much and you may experience unwanted side effects, thereby defeating the purpose altogether.
It’s important to make an appointment with a licensed marijuana doctor, whether that means over the phone or in person, depending on what is allowed where you live. If your primary care provider cannot refer you to a qualified marijuana doctor, you may be able to get a list of medical cannabis dispensaries in your area. They can prescribe certain strains of cannabis that will help, given your particular situation and needs for relief.

Strains That May Help

There are certain strains that have been cultivated specifically for this human health issue. For those of us who are particularly sociable, this time of lockdown is very tough on our psyche. Depression can become a real issue, and when we feel we have no control over our situation, it only exacerbates the problem.

Here are just a few strains in the marketplace that have shown to help with stress of this kind.

OG Kush – users of this Indica strain have reported uplifting sensations, and also helps as a sleep aid.
Granddaddy Purple – an uplifting and relaxing hybrid strain. Also helps with pain and stress.
Sour Diesel – induces a cerebral, “dreamy” relaxing effect in some people with this high THC Sativa strain.
White Widow – this hybrid strain is uplifting, causing a cheerful and carefree buzz in some.
Royal Jack – a Sativa-dominant strain that may offer creativity and encourage you to get that much-needed project done.
Cannatonic Cannabis Flower – a CBD-rich strain for relaxation and anxiety relief.


How to Best Administer Cannabis

If you are new to cannabis use, you may want to experiment to find out which type of strain works best for you, and whether you should smoke, vape, or administer using topicals, tonics or edibles. Indica, Sativa, and CBD are all types of plant properties that have different outcomes for different people. It is best to start out in low dosages and go from there to see what is most effective for you. Your medical cannabis doctor can help with this.
But if you are a bit more seasoned, you most like already know which properties are most beneficial for you. It is just a matter of trying out different strains.
Either way, cannabis can be a safe and very effective way to get through the current crisis. Consult with your doctor about which strain to try and in what form. It can be a great way to stay mentally healthy during trying times.

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