Cannabis Dispensaries Help Neighborhoods Prosper

We know the benefits of cannabis on the body but did you know that a cannabis dispensary is good for your neighborhood? When a nice, clean dispensary pops up in your neighborhood you will likely feel some of these positive effects.

Reduction in Crime

A study from Science Daily  found that cannabis dispensaries have a positive effect on crime in the neighborhoods in which they are located, and have lowered crime, for the same reason that restaurants reduce crime in the neighborhoods in which they are located.

Dispensaries help reduce crime by:

  • Having security surveillance systems. To be in compliance with the state regulations cannabis dispensaries must install regulated security measures. 
  • Keeping the area well lit and monitored
  • Employing Security personnel who are responsible for the grounds and building care.

Increased Residential Property Value

Red arrow up and miniature wooden houses. The concept of rising property prices.

With Regulated cannabis sales generating 655 million dollars in tax revenue for states in 2017, the direct economic impact is clear. Residential properties located near dispensaries have seen a rise in value vs houses located further away.Some have seen a rise of 8.4% in the value of their homes. 

Other benefits associated with dispensary location are:

  • Renovating vacant commercial properties
  • Encouraging other types of businesses to relocate near the dispensary
  • Dispensary staff often volunteer in the local community to clean up the neighborhood

Reduce opioid-related treatment admissions

We know that there is an opioid epidemic running amuck, not sparing any neighborhood or demographic from its grasp. 

But a glimmer of hope is shown in a study released in the fall of 2017. It looked at opioid-related treatment admissions in neighborhoods that had no dispensaries and compared the data to neighborhoods that recently had a dispensary open up. 

According to the study, neighborhoods with dispensaries experienced a 20% decrease in pain killer admittance within the first two years that the cannabis dispensary was opened. This decrease could be the correlation from people expanding their wellness options.

Next time you see a new dispensary open up, take a look around and see how it is positively impacting the community in whole.

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